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Walking and cycling

Discover rural Hageland as a fun family activity, romantic trip, wine route and piece of history.



We have selected walks through the Hagelands landscape of Binkom especially for you. For this we have developed a walking booklet that you can purchase from us for a small price. You will also be treated to an exciting story. In the booklet there are 7 walks from 3.2 to 15 km described, so something for everyone. On the Kalvarie walk we are between walking junctions 552 and 551. You can find the route in the link below or by clicking on the image.

Kalavarie walk 

Wandelroute met knooppunt.JPG


We are just one street away from the spicy Sven Nys route. So ideal to relax for a while. Ons Hofke is located between the bicycle junction 21 and 30. You can easily map out a route at

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